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Information of Interest to NYC Firefighters Living in FL

Unitedhealthcare Dental

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Does anyone remember when the FDNY Dragon Boat first started?
Check out you tube. FDNY Dragon Boat Team competes in Port Jefferson.
It would be nice to develop a team in Florida.
Let me know if you’re interest

Contact Bob Kane

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A reminder, the Copay case is still waiting to be heard.
Click Here to read advise on the Co-Pay payment.

NYC Council Members Refuse to Change Code Safeguarding Retiree Healthcare
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The Facts Michael Mulgrew, UFT, Doesn’t Want You to Know
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Click Here for details

To get a Claim Form For UFA Catastrophe Ins. Call: 

1-800 348-6908

UFOA Dental Care

UFOA Optical Plan Info

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Surgical Ast Form
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